Monday, 7 May 2012

Oh Yeah, I can screen print.

If you follow me on that thing twittor, or indeed Instergramme, you'll know that this weekend just gone, I had the pleasure of hanging out at Lynsey Jean Henderson Studios to do some screen printing. (at last I managed to organise myself) It felt soooo good to be back printing, it had been over a year since I touched a squeegee. Not good.

Anyway, I've revamped some past designs with this hand dyed element, lovingly stained in my kitchen, along with my hands. I also added a couple more designs. There's cushions, vest tops, tote bags, all 100% cotton. Plus I printed up some fabric to make into purses and other things.

I've done relatively short runs of these designs to see how they go down at the Leith Festival next month. The more popular ones will get a second outing perhaps and then a stint on Etsy so please let me know if you'd like one! I'll tell you boring stuff like prices another time.

Oh, and go check out Lynsey's work and studio, she's a super talented, well equipped lady!

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  1. Wow, thats great, must be a lot of fun ;-).
    Corina from germany